Sweet Dreams Gift Set


Give yourself or someone you love the gift of a good night’s sleep. These items have been specifically created to help you enjoy a tranquil night’s sleep, upgrade your bedtime rituals with our Sweet Dream Gift Set. Made with natural ingredients and lavender essential oil, this set will help calm the mind and soothe the senses to help prepare you for a peaceful night’s rest.


This set contains:

Lavender Pillow Mist Spray 50ml. Naturally fragranced with lavender essential oil to help induce relaxation & gently assists to whisks away anxiety and restlessness.
How to Use: Spray your pillow before bed and enjoy the calming fragrance.

Lavender Infused Roll-On 10ml. Tranquillising, comforting, and notably uplifting, this blend emits a scent that is woody and fresh. Keep it by your bedside table to apply to your temples & pulse points to induce relaxation. The rollerball applicator graces the skin with ease allowing you to use it anywhere, home or away.

How to Use: To release the aromatherapy, roll onto wrists and temples and breathe in the relaxing fragrance.

A single luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. Silk has great skin and haircare benefits. It’s smooth texture helps keep skin & hair smooth & hydrated & helps regulate body temperature.
These products are beautifully presented in a white magnetic clasped gift box. The gift also has a Self Care quote to complete this collection. *The quote may differ from those shown*



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Grey, Ivory, Lilac, Noir


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