Lavender Serenity Pillow

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Each serenity is handmade & filled with rice, lavender buds grown, harvested & dried from my own garden & lavender essential oil. Use hot or cold to soothe, relax & ease any muscular  & joint discomfort.


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    Soothe and relax any part of your body that needs some TLC with this easy to use microwavable serenity lavender pillow. This multi-purpose serenity pillow is filled with rice grains blended with pure Lavender buds and lavender essential oil to create a therapeutic heat pack that can be used hot or cold to ease discomfort, relax and soothe your body.

    How to use:

    Use warm on aching muscles to sooth and to relieve joint and muscle pain, or chilled to reduce inflammation, ease sprains and bruises and relieve headaches. Simply warm your Lavender serenity pillow in the microwave (according to the instructions on the label) to release the calming lavender fragrance and use as a hot compress where needed.

    Heat pillow is approximately  28cm X 15cm

    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg

    2 reviews for Lavender Serenity Pillow

    1. Melanie

      Such a great product! I have used this hot and Cold. Great for my inflamed wrists and during the hot weather I put this over my eves once being in the freezer and it was just bliss.

    2. Debra

      Amazing products with great results. The balm has worked wonders on my eczema.
      A great trick is to put the pillow in the freezer and take it out once cold and place on my forehead whenever my migraines kicks in, it will smooth and calm the pain down considerably if not complete irradiate the migraine.
      To be far the whole product range is brilliant as an insomniac can confirm the range has definitely helped me relax and get some much needed sleep.
      Made with only pure natural ingredients so no worries of artificial components or harmful chemicals.
      Will be buying from indulge over and over again!! Xx

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