Lavender Hand & Body Balm

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Lavender Hand & Body Balm :

Moisturiser, hydrates, soothes & heals the skin. Perfect for hard working and dry sensitive skin. Contains vitamin E which contains nourishing, protective & powerful antioxidant which is easily absorbed into the skin.  Helps to heal & repair dry, chapped skin.

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    This luxurious creamy balm is full of natural goodies. The rich Shea butter, beeswax & sweet almond oil infusion will nourish and condition the skin while the botanical fragrance of lavender essential oil will captivate your sense & aid you into a relaxed & tranquil state of wellbeing.

    Why not keep a pot on your bedside table to apply before bed.

    How to use:

    Smooth onto chapped, dry hands or any area that needs moisturising. For larger areas, scoop out a little more balm and warm in the hands then apply.

    Our balm should be kept cool (below 30 degrees centigrade). This is because they are 100% natural and will melt if kept too warm.  In fluctuating temperatures our balms may crystallise (form tiny beads of product). As we do not use any parabens or preservatives to stabilise our formula the fluctuation of temperature can cause some of the ingredients to melt & re-solidify.  This has no detrimental effect on the balm or it’s usage.

    Key ingredients & their benefits:

    • Sweet almond oil. An oil with a consistency which is similar to our own natural body oil making it absorb easily without a heavy residue.  It’s loaded with vitamin E & other powerful ingredients which help maintain the health & suppleness of the skin.
    • Shea butter. Shea butter helps moisturise & soften the skin.  It’s full of vitamin A & E and fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties to soothe sore, dry skin. It’s antioxidants can also protect your skin from environmental damage.
    • Beeswax.  Beeswax forms a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, protecting your skin from environmental irritants and harsh weather. The protective barrier formed by beeswax not only protects from external threats but also locks in moisture to prevent water loss, therefore helping your skin stay soft and hydrated.
    • Lavender essential oil.  This powerful botanical oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti- inflammatory properties which help soothe, calm & heal irritated, dry & itchy skin.

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    6 reviews for Lavender Hand & Body Balm

    1. Shirin

      Great products! I’ve had the chance to use the candle and the balm. The balm smells lovely, is really soft and high quality. I love how the ingredients are simple and natural. I’ve got sensitive skin and it’s been reacting very well so far and helps a lot with dryness. Thank you!

    2. Anne

      Since battling with eczema and trying different products nothing worked until one day decided to try this product and now happy to say after using the lavender hand and body balm my skin is looking as if I’ve just step off the plane

    3. Emma

      This balm is amazing. I have been using it almost daily since May and can’t fault it. Love the smell and the fact it is long lasting.
      I have also had a few mosquitoes bites this summer and this balm really helped soothe them. 😊

    4. David

      I use this balm to ease the irritation of psoriasis and it works very well for that. But, I’ve always been a restless sleeper and was surprised and pleased to find that this balm, when used in the evening, provides me with a deeper and much more restful sleep.

    5. Oneika

      This products is absolutely amazing, it keeps my skin hydrated and moisturised throughout the day. It’s not like some of the products I have used that leaves my skin greasy and feels likes my pores are blocked. It makes my skin feel so silky and I don’t use much a little goes a long way.

    6. Anon

      I have super dry hands from washing them so often and the scrub + balm have been a lifesaver. There is no high street product that has come close (and I’ve tried many!)

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