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Cold months are a great time to enjoy a soak in a warm bath! You don’t have to go to an expensive spa to relax and achieve momentary bliss. You can have the same luxurious bath experience in your own home.


Setting the atmosphere for a bath is so important to help create a spa like experience. Dimmer lights or candles, like the Indulge Lavender Serenity candle, will help relax the senses and set the mood for peace & tranquillity. Music can also add to the experience, ambient sounds are great for relaxing.

The bath water temperature is so important too! Too cool and you wont really be able to relax too hot and you become too sweaty! A temperature of between 92°f and 98.6°f is said to be the best (just warm as you get in).

Add some drops of the lavender infused oil with some of your bubble bath -if you love bubbles ! Now the bath is ready you can spray your towel, pyjamas & robe with the Indulge lavender pillow mist ready for when you come out.

Grab a book or 🍷 and enjoy your INDULGE The Collection at home Spa bath. Do you love a bath?

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